The chapel’s size is 450m2. The arches are 12m high.



4m high, 6m wide screen. HD quality.

Perfect for impressive presentations, movies or videos.



You would say so when you come in, but the chapel is equipped with over 50m2 of whiteboard walls!

It is made in the colors of the chapel and perfect for sharing your inspirations and ideas with your team, group or others.

Floor Heating

The entire chapel has floor heating. No cold feet for you! Moreover, the chapel is easy to heat to the temperate of your liking.

It’s not just quick to heat up, thanks to fans in between the arches, it never gets to hot nor cold.


Tables and Chairs

There are 60 good quality, padded chairs available. Suited for welcoming every type of croud, for long or short sessions.

Eight tables, all connectable and ajustable are available (180cm x 90cm)


As impressive as the chapel itself are the acoustics. The chapel’s shape makes for a unique sound, eliciting a feeling of ‘grandeur’. The carpet (optional) ensures that people can hear each other properly, something that is often hard in traditional church setups.

Unique lights!

Adjustable to your needs, the lights create an environment from a fairy tale to working space. Every arch of the chapel has adjustable LED lights, to every color of your liking. No need to go outside to see the stars!

Authentic wallpaintings

Before renovation, the chapel way completely grey. Underneath this grey paint we discovered authentic wall paintings! Get mesmerized by gorgeous 100 year old flower arches and more!



There were old, unused original closets in the chapels walkway. These closets got a metamorphosis into toilets. The authentic closet doors have been left in tact.


There is super fast Wifi available. 200-400MB/s. In today’s day and age, this is a necessity for a knowledge center and educational space of any kind.



Cups, tea, coffee, dishwasher and sink. Everything you need and nothing more. Easy and simple.


There is free parking at the street. Some other parking spots right in front of the chapel. Plenty more parking is available right around the corner, on no more than 1 minute walking distance from the chapel entrance.