Place to connect

The Kenniskapel

(Literally translated: Chapel of Knowledge; or: Chapel of people you know)

is a dynamic space. Companies, institutions, teachers, students and others make use of it. The chapel is equipped with all kinds of tech, whilst at the same time assuring the authentic character of the chapel is kept. The chapel speaks to ones imagination and is composed to advance and stimulate sharing of knowledge.

Curious to what you can do with this space? Come over or make an appointment.


For companies

Need a quick reboot, a fresh perspective, a different space, inspiration from a different angle? Thinking differently requires a different environment. The Kenniskapel facilitates this need. Whether it is for a brainstorming session, a break-out session or a workshop or sprint, this is your space. The Kenniskapel is an inspiring space which literally and figuratively give you room to think. It is equipped with everything you might need (Also see the facilities page). Share your ideas on one of the massive whiteboard walls. Think big and project your ideas on a 24m2 HD projector screen. Think in groups, move, and get in that creative yet productive flow.

For teachers & students

Are you giving a course or workshop and truly want to ‘WOW’ your clients or students? The Kenniskapel is a home for any kind of teacher. Whether you are a cognitive neuroscientist, a dance teacher, yoga instructor, marketer or other types of professional education. The space is dynamic and caters to your needs. Tables and up to 60 chairs are as easy to set up as they are to remove out of sight. Within 5 minutes, the room goes from a college space to a yoga studio. The idea is to gather completely different diciplines and have this be a space of interdisciplinary knowledge sharing.

Are you one of those inspiring teachers in the area? Than you deserve a suiting space! Come have a look and have your imagination be the only barrier to the way you teach!



For events

Do you want to organize an event? One which deserves a suiting, unique location? Would you like to give your guests the feeling your event is something not to forget? In that case, the KennisKapel is your go-to! This unique location is suited for network events, chique gatherings and more. The KennisKapel does not serve alcohol. We have coffee and tea available and have 3rd party suppliers for food and drinks if you’d like to serve this to your guest. You are however also more than welcome to bring your own food & drinks.

For a complete picture of our offering, check out the facilities page.

We are excited to make your event an unforgettable experience.