In short:

Our vision is to alleviate the effects of misinformation on society.

To elaborate:

 The vision for the KennisKapel is to apply its old use for a new, modern purpose.

This chapel was a place to come together, to each other and to ask for or pray to wisdom which one did not have themselves. The chapel will again be a place for people to come together. But instead of (a) god, we will learn from each other.

Whether you learn about (social) sciences, society or art, you are welcome. A lot of untapped wisdom lies with the individual, who is not teacher on a university, does not have a complete, daily lesson plan, but gladly gives workshops, a training, lectures or a small event to share their expertise with others.

Whereas conventional routes of education are great for incubation of talent, it is a structure with an end-goal of a diploma. This takes a big (time)investment and commitment. It is hard to combine with a job, a family, a social life and other hobbies. We lower the bar for you to continue learning and hence make knowledge better available to everyone.

This ‘Knowledge Center’ makes a bridge between secondary education, universities, citizens and companies. By connecting individual ideas and perspectives, people are able to learn better, less biased and create a well-argued opinion. The KennisKapel is the space for companies, students, citizens and organizations to get equipped with the facilities to share and learn in a constructive and lasting way.

Of course, the chapel is available for private and other types of events as well. For all possibilities regarding these events, please contact us. 

Natuurlijk is de kapel ook beschikbaar voor private en andersoortige evenementen. Voor dit soort evenementen gelden andere voorwaarden. Neem gerust contact op voor alle mogelijkheden.